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How to get Free Steam Games & Steam Wallet Codes

Would you like to be gifted free Steam Games? or top up your account with free Steam Wallet codes? Request your free Steam Games here by joining the biggest reward based site and start expanding your Steam Games collection today.

Since there's always the must-have game to buy or the latest DLC to your favourite game, gaming can become quite an expensive hobby. Even when there's a Steam sale, gamers often find themselves ovespending yet still having wishlisted games they want to play. 

With this guide you will find out how to request any game from Steam store for free.

  • Request free $20 Steam Wallet Code
  • Request a specific game from Steam Store and we will Steam Gift it directly to you

Here's a user-made video showing how you would receive your gifted free Steam games and also how to redeem them. It also provides proof of ownership of that game by showing its entry in the 'My Account History' section.


Free Steam Games some of our users have received

Free Steam Games, Free Steam Wallet Codes
Alexspeed -
"In just over a Month of using this Great site i have received over 20 Games Free. Most of these i requested during Steam sales so i used fewer Points. The support is Top Notch! All my requests have taken 1-3 days to process without fail. To my surprise, once I became a regular user all my requests became instant! It's just great seeing New Releases pop up on Steam Store knowing that i'll be getting it - and for Free too!"

Free Steam Games, Free Steam Wallet Codes
"Finally got ME2, my first Steam game that i got using this site. As soon as i saw that my prize had been approved i checked my gmail to see that i had received an e-mail from Steam Store saying that I had received a gift copy of Mass Effect 2! I clicked "Open Gift" and by Greatness of Steam it was added to my account and preparing to download. I can't wait to get more games."

Free Steam Games, Free Steam Wallet Codes
Amykins -
"I love the instant free Steam Wallet Codes. I've been using this in conjunction with Steam trading on steam to amass quite a big Steam Library. Some of the games I get for free are ones that go on sale. I request it for free, and being a good trader I tend to exchange it for something worth more."

How does this work?

You can claim your free Steam Games and free Steam Wallet Codes, by completing simple tasks that you may already be doing every day on the interenet anyway. Tasks may include watching videos, searching the web, completing offers and questionnaires about your favourite movies or video games. Completing these tasks will reward you with points on our site, which you can then redeem for your Steam Games.

Free Steam Games, Free Steam Wallet Codes

It's very quick and easy to do, too. We have over 200,000 members requesting hundreds of free Steam Games and free Steam Wallet codes every day.

How to get started?

Step 1 - Sign Up

Sign up below by entering your e-mail, to create your personal account where you will receive your free Steam Games and free Steam Wallet codes.

Free Steam Games, Free Steam Wallet Codes

Step 2 - Earn Points

Once logged on to your account, it's time for the fun part of getting points! For every Offer you complete on the site you will receive Points. These can be redeemed for free Steam Games gifts or free Steam Wallet codes. When you have gained enough to get the game you want from Steam, you can make your request.

  • Completing an offer takes a couple of minutes (once you know what you're doing)
  • The average point awarded for each offer is 100-200 Points
  • Conversion rate: 100 Points = $1


If you wanted to request Garry's Mod: Garry's Mod is $9.99 on Steam Store page, therefore you will need 999 Points by completing offers in order to request the game for free. Completing offers takes minutes to do, so it couldn't be any easier.

Where to find the Offers section:

Start off by doing the most recently completed offers. These are popular offers completed by our members because they are quick to complete and have a high chance of crediting. You can find these offers on the homepage by clicking 'Most Credited Offers' tab.

Free Steam Games, Free Steam Wallet Codes

Choose any of the Offers in the 'Most Credited' list. You will notice each offer has a short description of what you must do to complete it successfully and also how many points it's worth. It is advised for new users to complete about 5 or 6 Offers from the 'Most Credited' list first, just to get a feel of how to earn Points.


Useful Tip:

Some Offers will require you to provide an e-mail to complete it. Make sure you use a separate (new) e-mail for these as you may receive 'spam'. You can ignore this 'spam' just by making a new e-mail (e.g. Yahoo mail) specifically for these offers, which is what most of our members are advised to do.


For a more greater selection of offers and ways you can earn Points, click on "Get Points" tab at the top of main page. Here you will see 3 of the main ways of getting Points, highlighted in red: Offers, External Offers and Daily Tasks.

Free Steam Games, Free Steam Wallet Codes

Still having problems gaining Points?

If you are having issues earning Points, here are walkthrough's on how to fillout an offer from the USA offers section and the UK offers section. Take note that these walkthrough's only apply to users living in the same region.

Walkthrough for doing an Offer in US 

Walkthrough for doing an Offer in UK

For a more comprehensive guide to doing offers, it is highly suggested to check out our 

Ultimate Offer Guide for a break down on how to complete offers easily for Points.

When you finally have enough points for your Steam game you can request your free Steam Game as a gift or claim a free Steam Wallet Code. Instructions on how to request through both ways can be found below.

Step 3 - How to Claim your free Steam Wallet Code or free Steam Game as a gift

Steam Wallet Code of Steam Gift - Which to Choose?

Free Steam Games, Free Steam Wallet Codes
  • Steam Wallet Code -

For members living in the US, this is the perfect option since you can use your Steam Wallet credit as you please. If your game is priced at less than $20, its probably a better idea to request a Steam gift as you will require fewer points.

  • Steam Game Gifts -

Those living in other countries may be aware of Steam's regional pricing and how some games are more expensive in other certain countries. The Steam Wallet Codes we provide (which are US $ currency) can be applied to any Steam account and have the balance converted to their local currency. What you may find, is that after it's converted you may need more funds due to the game being more expensive in your region. 

However, you can avoid this by requesting a Steam Gift from us and we will be use the pricing shown on the US Steam store page. This means you'll be getting your game for fewer points and cheaper!

How to claim your free Steam Wallet Code

Head to the 'Prizes Section' from the Homepage. From the sidebar select 'Online Games' which will take you to a list of Online Game Cards. Search for the $20 Steam Wallet Code on the second page.

Free Riot Points        Free Riot Points

Select 'Claim Item' and your Steam Wallet Code has been requested. You can access your code by visiting your Prize Claim History, and clicking view.

Free Steam Wallet Codes

Enjoy spending your Free $20 Steam Wallet Code!

How to claim your free Steam Game Gift

If you wish to order a Steam Game Gift click on the 'Prizes' tab from the main page and then from the options select 'Custom Prizes'. From here you will be taken to the Prize Request Form.

Free Steam Games Gifts

To make your request fill in the boxes as follows:

Merchant: Using the drop-down menu set this to 'Steam Game Order'

Item URL: Find the Game the you want to request from Steam Store and copy the URL into the box provided.

Item Currency: Set this to US Dollars. If you are requesting a Steam game, regardless of where you are from always order from the US version of Steam store. SInce we purchase the games using the US store, its easier for you to see how many points you will need.

Cost Required: How many Points is the Game you are requesting. Remember 100 Point = $1

Additional Information: If you are requesting a Steam game, all you need to put is your email where you want to receive the Gift copy of your game on. 

Note: This doesn't need to be the same E-mail you use Steam on.
If you are requesting Multiple games, click 'Add another URL'

Then Click Submit!
And your Steam game is on the way. On average Steam Gift claims take between 0-2 days and most orders are placed within 24 hours. When you receive receive your gift, you will get an e-mail from steam store notifying you of your gifted game and instructions on how to redeem it.

And That's It!

Have fun with your Free Steam Games and if you have any questions join the Official Forums where you can find thousands of other members. Get support, see what other members have received or just chat about games.

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